About Our Logo

apwc logo 600x600

The APWC logo contains a collage of several images: the bamboo, the butterfly and the phoenix.

The slender bamboo tree on the left is a symbol of graceful strength. It is flexible, but it resists breaking. The bamboo is a positive, empowering symbol for women.

To the right-hand side, the butterfly flutters prominently. The butterfly is a dominant motif in Asian art and literature - it arches upward along the tail of a coiled Phoenix. The butterfly symbolizes the idea of metamorphosis, a new beginning. The old life of the caterpillar transforms while in the cocoon into the new life of the butterfly: free, independent, beautiful. This theme of transformation or metamorphosis is certainly one that captures the essence of Asian Pacific Women's Center's role in the community.

The reverse image of the phoenix bird plays an important role in symbolizing death and rebirth in Greek mythology. At the same time in Chinese mythology, the Phoenix is frequently paired with the dragon, indicating both the female and male persona respectively. However, the image of the dragon is deliberately left out to suggest the internal strength that women have, independent of men.